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Save our Suburbs!


Our neighbourhoods are under threat from policies and strategies you might have no idea even exist.  This site is to help explain what they are, simplify the jargon, provide a repository for important information and explain the history of how we got into this position so that you can make an informed decision on those policies.

Extract from Dec 2012 Council Meeting - CoJ Council
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The Key Documents


Here you will find the main documents that contain the detail of the HOAs justification and their place within the City of Joondalup and State Planning Strategies.



The City of Joondalup maintains it consulted with Residents adequately over the introduction of HOAs and the zoning within them.  This audio is from December 2012.

R20/40 vs R20/30


You should know that HOAs were rezoned.  But the original proposal was to make HOAs R20/30. In fact, HOAs are mostly R20/40 and that's a big difference. Click here to find out more.

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We are not anti development.  We just want good planning and better development.


Good planning is about building better and balanced communities.


Joondalup's Local Housing Strategy does not do that. It is a policy that divides the city into winners and losers with those who live in and near the HOAs being the losers.


We need a policy that respects the needs of all communities and all residents and delivers an equitable outcome to all. 

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