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To have its zoning returned to the R20/R30 zoning that was originally consulted on.

10 Oct 2017

Edgewater Petitions to Council and request for a Special Meeting of Electors

13 Nov 2017

Edgewater Special Meeting of Electors

Link to Minutes with Attachments

21 Nov 2017

Council Meeting

Link to Item CJ177 - 11/17 extract

Local Housing Strategy - Addressing Issues in Housing Opportunity Areas

12 Dec 2017

Council Meeting - Question by Beth Hewitt


The Mayor had told ECRA that Edgewater's request to be downzoned to the R20/R30 zoning that was originally consulted on was not going to be approved. This question was asked in response to that position.

Edgewater Question - 12 Dec 2017 CM
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In his reply the Mayor stated that most of the concerns raised were by residents who did not live in the Housing Opportunity Area part of Edgewater.


12 Dec 2017

Council Meeting - Edgewater Decision

Link to Item CJ198 -12/17

Edgewater was denied in less than two and a half minutes.  Councillor Polikwa tried to initiate a discussion and move an alternative Motion but this was disallowed on a procedural technicality.

None of the other Councillors stood up for Edgewater and none of them even looked at the Edgewater residents in the public gallery during the whole procedure.

Edgewater Decision - 12 Dec 2017
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We heard indirectly afterwards that the Councillors had been told that if they voted for Edgewater to be downzoned to R20/R30 that the State Government was likely to step in and impose R60 zoning on Edgewater.

State Labor politicians subsequently emphatically refuted that assertion.


ECRA conducted a whole of suburb survey to establish what the view of residents was in both the HOA part of Edgewater and the non HOA part of Edgewater. 33% of households completed the survey.

  • the R20/R40 zoning was emphatically rejected.

  • the R20/R30 zoning was deemed acceptable.

  • 95% of respondents felt that the City of Joondalup did not consult properly on the proposed increase in density from R20/R30 to R20/R40

Link to Full Edgewater Survey Results

(large file so will take some time to load)


At the meeting were the Mayor Albert Jacob, the CEO Gary Hunt, the Manager of Planning Chris Leigh and Councillors Nige Jones and Philippa Taylor.

The initial results of the Survey were presented.

The Mayor rejected the initial findings of the survey and then answered questions from the ECRA members.

He continued to assert that there are no grounds for the downzoning of Edgewater because it is too late and there is insufficient community support for it.

An assertion that is not supported by the Survey results.

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