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So what should I do?

Contact your Councillors:

Ask them to explain why they have done this, and why they are happy to allow the sort of developments that have been proposed for Macedon Place in Craigie and Chipala Court in Edgewater.

How are 3.5m x 3.0m bedrooms 'good development'?

How will the loss of green space and trees improve urban climate?

Why are we trading verges for car-parking bays?

What are the privacy protections now that your block is surrounded by 2-storey residences?

What will they do to protect you when 3-storey development is allowed by the new Design-WA policy?

How on earth can anyone in an HOA manage without a car?

Where are all these additional cars going to park, and how will our roads not get even more congested?

And write to your State MPs.

Only people power is going to change this situation. We need your support and we need you to let them know you are not happy with things and that they need to change.

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